Irse de vacaciones a Tenerife con su bebé.

Go on vacation to Tenerife with your baby.

Traveling to Tenerife with your baby Tenerife is one of the most important islands in the Canary archipelago. It has a beautiful landscape that attracts many tourists every year. Perhaps you want to travel to Tenerife but are afraid for your baby? Young children need a lot of care, which does not always fit with the idea of ​​a trip. There is a lot of equipment to carry, which can be not only cumbersome but also expensive to transport.

¿Está planeando viajar a Tenerife con su bebé para sus próximas vacaciones?

But don't panic. With our rental strollers, cots and accessories, you can travel comfortably and economically. Rental of baby care accessories Keep in mind that for 99% of people who want to travel to Tenerife, there are only low-cost trips. This means that the luggage that is carried is taken into account, and can increase the bill if it is large. Carrying the baby's stroller, crib and the many accessories necessary for its care is not profitable.

Not to mention the mess they'll cause when you get from the airport to the hotel and back. That's why we provide you with all the tools you may need to take care of your little one and make your stay a pleasant one. Available accessories First of all, strollers are essential to take your baby with you during your pilgrimages to discover the island.

There are many models available for this purpose. There are also cribs available, in various models, so that your baby sleeps in the greatest comfort. You can also rent air purifiers and humidifiers so your baby can breathe comfortably at night. Your baby will also need a special chair for breakfast. You can hire simple chairs, or more sophisticated ones that are tall and have a very small table for food. An essential point in caring for a baby is also its hygiene.

Viajar a Tenerife: cómo organizarse con un bebé

For this reason, we offer our clients comfortable bathtubs of different sizes and options. You can also rent potties so that your child relieves her comfortably. Accessories for fun too! In addition to the primary needs, your child must be able to have fun and enjoy all kinds of leisure activities. Baby Travel Rental offers fun and stylish walkers so you can set your child free and get on with her business. You can also get your child involved in swimming with our special armbands and vests. If you are going to have a picnic outdoors, you can also take your child with you, thanks to the tents that we put at your disposal. They act like an umbrella and protect the child from mosquitoes and UV rays. They are also perfectly ventilated.

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