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The airline broke my stroller...

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At Baby Travel Rental, parents often call us with the familiar phrase: "The airline has broken my stroller. What should I do? " Unfortunately, your stroller can easily be damaged during transport or lost. Strollers are inherently unsuitable for air travel due to their size and shape. Although the world wouldn't end without a stroller, it can be very uncomfortable. For this reason, we would like to give you some tips to prevent your stroller from being damaged by the plane and what to do in case this happens.

before the trip
A bulky stroller that breaks down into multiple parts is more prone to damage and missing parts. Before you go into the airport, consider buying a model that folds into one piece.
Umbrella strollers are cheap and great for getting around, but they're suitable for children and much less suitable for babies.

The estate cars are usually more expensive, but they are designed to make your life easier.
Check your airline's policy on strollers before you travel. Some airlines state that only a fully folded stroller (Ryanair) can be brought to the boarding gate, ie H. Larger strollers must be checked in. In addition, airlines such as Ryanair and SAS require that strollers go in protective bags, such as stroller bags.
At the airport...

Output; The airline broke my stroller!
Depends on each airline, but most allow the stroller to be brought to the gate. In terms of damage control, this is the best option.

Most damage occurs to the baggage carousel, so it's best to leave the stroller in charge for as long as possible.Remember that you will be asked to take your baby out at security, whether he is asleep or not. You will also need to dismount and guide the stroller through the scanner. Keep this in mind before overloading.

Always fold the stroller completely. You don't want them trying to figure out how to fold it when they only have 25 minutes to go around the plane.
Label the stroller at the gate or check-in. It's easier to find if mishandled by the airline, and it's nice to have proof that it's listed. Have the tag numbers ready.
Use a tote bag or some sort of protective cover. In addition to the weight tips mentioned above, the bag also protects against damage such as scratches. In addition, the bag prevents the strap from getting caught on luggage straps and causing tears and tears.

It also prevents equipment from getting wet.
On arrival, the airline broke my stroller.
As soon as you arrive at the baggage hall, immediately check that your stroller is not damaged.
Pay attention to the airline's definition of "damage". In most cases, airlines do not consider scratches on the chassis as "damage". The equipment must be soaked, torn, or visibly damaged for the airline to treat it as a claim.
If your stroller is damaged or not delivered, you must notify the airline immediately. Do not leave the baggage hall without reporting. Some airlines won't accept claims if you don't report it at the airport.
Keep all your ticket stubs, boarding passes, baggage tags, everything! It also makes it easier to track your belongings or process claims faster.

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