Earn money by renting your equipment

Looking for additional income?

Nothing could be easier: you have periculture equipment that you no longer use. Don't wait any longer, rent it! Whatever your country of residence.

Contact us by email or whatsapp.

This is how it works:

This is how we proceed. You send us the make and model of the equipment you want to rent.
You also send us your availability, every day or certain days.
You send us your rates for 3 days of rental, 5 days of rental, 7 days of rental and 14 days of rental. Please let us know if you would like to set up a deposit and the amount.
Tell us if you can deliver and, if so, what rate you would like. Please note that for deliveries you have to think about two moves. One to leave it and another to pick it up again.
You can distinguish between home delivery and airport delivery, which are usually more expensive because they involve more obligations.
You can rent anything you want, including car seats, baby carriers, strollers, sterilizers and bouncers.
The only thing we ask is that you leave your rental products on our site for at least 1 month, as it takes time and work to get them online, and we don't want to be changing products every two days. Once the month is up , you can ask us to collect your item by contacting us at least 7 days in advance, as long as there are no upcoming rentals.
Payment (total rental price less 20% commission) is made as soon as the client collects their material . Either by instant bank transfer (provide us with an Iban) or by Bizum (provide us with the telephone number where you want us to pay you).