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Rent a table service

Rent a table service

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Main features

The spoon is designed for small hands and mouths, and is perfect for babies learning to eat on their own.

This frog-themed set includes everything your baby needs to eat and drink on their own, plus a bib that catches everything that falls out of their mouths.

The suction cup holds the bowl in place.

It is made of harmless plastic, the same material used to make baby bottles, nappies and food containers.

Thanks to the spout and the two large handles, it will be easy for your baby to hold the cup and drink on their own. Frog legs add stability.

The closure of the bib can be adjusted and the large pocket to collect food is easy to clean.

The lid is designed to fit the child's nose so they don't have to tilt their head back when they drink.

Assembled measurements

length: 30cm
Width: 20cm
Height: 10cm
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