6 buenas razones para ir de vacaciones en Tenerife con el bebé

6 good reasons to go on vacation with your baby

Tired? Are you afraid of the material you have to carry? Don't worry, you can find all the equipment you need for your holiday in Tenerife with our Baby Travel Rental. Do you think that's the goal? On the contrary, vacations with the baby are perfect to decompress and find yourself in a different way. We tell you why in 6 points...

Travel after the baby To leave the house!

When you have a newborn baby (well, let's say less than a year old), getting out of the house and seeing something else is usually a happy prospect. This first year is very busy with the baby and logistics, and free time is scarce.

To do more than just daily tasks.

A new environment will allow you to change your mind, but also free yourself from a series of limitations. If you can, choose accommodation with hotel services that save you cleaning and making the bed. Likewise, eat out or buy prepared meals if you can afford it.

To disconnect.

Not being at home will also force you to give up parasitic activities (to relax) such as the computer and paperwork. The best thing is to leave the television, for a total disconnection! Away from everyday tasks, you can take a nap with your family, why not by the pool?

Como deconectar con un bebé ?

For new experiences.

For the baby, vacations are also about discovering new places and new sensations. She can sense that you relax and feel good about it too. If you go to visit or go on a hike, she will eagerly try to decipher all this new information; This is excellent for her development.

Disfruta de tus vacaciones en Tenerife con tu bebé.

holidays with the baby

For development and discovery. On vacation there are many first times for babies: the first swim in the pool, the first games in the paddling pool, the first petting of animals... and also, since you will have more time, you can make them smell their first flower. , touching the plants, rolling in the grass, throwing water everywhere and watering himself, trying to eat a big stone (the greatest pleasure of little ones)....

Alquiler silla de paseo tenerfie

Meet in pairs.

For parents, it is an opportunity to enjoy activities together by entrusting the baby to a baby center or daycare. The need to be together is perfectly legitimate, and too often leads to guilt. Going with the baby, partly entrusting childcare professionals, allows you to reconcile the life of parents and that of a couple.
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