Actividades en Tenerife para hacer con niños

Activities in Tenerife to do with children

  • Siam Park

    The water park Siam Park has an attraction called Shark and Ray Tank. This is one of the park's many attractions for those who enjoy a thrilling experience. Additionally, visitors can shop at the floating market or surf on one of the largest artificial waves in the world.
    Visitar tenerife con el niño
    • El Loro Parque

    The Loro Parque is a zoo known for housing exotic birds such as parrots. Other mammals, reptiles and even tigers are also present in the zoo. Tickets for Loro Parque can be booked in advance.

    Viajar a Tenerife con niños | baby travel rental

    • Duke's Beach

    Playa del Duque is an ideal place to visit with the family. It has a calm, shallow turquoise ocean and fine sand near the shore. In addition, it is close to many restaurants, cafes and luxury shops, all accessible via the Playa del Duque promenade.
    Playa del Duque con alquiler de viajes para bebés
    • Monkey Park

    The Park Monkey Park allows you to see a wide variety of monkeys up close. Watch how the monkeys are fed and learn about their diet, life and evolution. You can also stroll through the cactus garden, cross the bridge to see turtles and crocodiles, and visit the aviary.
    • Whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife

    Escape to the bustling beaches of Tenerife's south coast and embark on a bay cruise. See bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales in their natural habitat and observe migratory species such as turtles, seabirds and sperm whales while learning about the marine world from an experienced crew.
    Observación de ballenas y delfines en Tenerife con

    • Masca, a beautiful town and a walk

     The main tourist attraction of the town of Masca is the walking tour that allows you to discover it from within, contemplating the harmonious landscape and its sometimes disturbing features. As soon as you enter Masca, you can admire the old houses that have remained standing over the years; The town is also known as the gateway to a natural paradise. The feeling you get when you get out of the car and discover the surrounding landscape is something special; From the beginning of the adventure, I immediately felt that the natural environment was part of it.

    Pasea por Masca con total tranquilidad, gracias al alquiler de viajes para bebés.

    • El Teide

    Don't worry: not only is it possible to go to TED with children, but because it is a true family moment, we also recommend it, and we have written this article to give you more details on the subject. On the other hand: we do not recommend it for children under 6 years old due to the difficulty of the climb and the lower oxygen concentration. However, if you have children under 6 years old, we have other options at your disposal, which we will show you at the end of this article.

    Be careful, if you want to climb Teide with small children, we will tell you everything you need to know. know (remember: young people, but from 6 years old). Say goodbye to your doubts.

    Si quiere visitar el Teide con niños, recuerde alquilar un portabebés o un cochecito adecuado.

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