Cómo alquilar un carrito de bebé en mi destino de viaje

How to rent a baby stroller at my travel destination

When traveling with a small child, we have two options when it comes to baby strollers. You can rent a stroller at the travel destination or you can bring your own stroller. Bringing your own cart requires additional effort, you will have to pay additional surcharges. Renting a stroller at your destination will be much more comfortable for you.

Rent a baby stroller

There are currently companies that offer baby stroller rental services. If you are considering this option but are still unsure, you can contact a company that offers this service. For example, if you are going to travel to the Canary Islands, you can rent a baby stroller in Tenerife with the company Baby Travel Rental through their website.

Baby Travel Rental

The Baby Travel Rental company offers different rental products and models for babies and children, all available on its official website Babytravelrental.com. Choose from a large selection of travel cribs, rocking hammocks, bathtubs, baby bath seats and even all-terrain transport carts for the beach.

Manage the rental of a stroller in Tenerife comfortably from your home. The process is very simple. You just have to follow the steps indicated on the website. Contact them through the available chat if you have doubts or questions related to your rental request.

Choose a cart taking into account the destination

The travel destination is important in determining the type of stroller to rent. For example, in the city, you will need a baby stroller that rolls very easily and is narrow. For the beach, you can rent an all-terrain baby stroller, which is much more comfortable compared to a traditional baby stroller. So, think about how the family will spend much of the holiday and start checking options for the right stroller accordingly. Renting a stroller can be very convenient and will be available when you arrive at your destination. It can be left the same way when it is time to go home.

The stroller and UV protection

It is very important to keep in mind that children must be protected from direct sunlight. Therefore, find out how each stroller is rated for UV protection. The sun's rays can be strong even in the shade, so it is important that it offers as much protection as possible.

Travel with your own baby stroller

Bringing your own cart requires checking it in. Trolleys are normally considered special luggage and you will have to wait in a separate line at the airport. You will also need some type of carrying bag for the stroller. It is important to ensure that there are no straps, cords or similar protruding from the cart, as they can get caught somewhere on the conveyor belt. Always remember to label your luggage with all necessary contact information. It will be very useful in case of loss or misplacement at the airport.

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