Por qué alquilar material para bebés en Tenerife ?

Why rent baby equipment

At a minimum, you need a car seat, a crib, a high chair and a stroller. It is difficult, expensive and requires a lot of effort to carry these items. That's why it makes sense to rent them from a company that specializes in baby rentals on vacation. After all, it's your vacation, you should enjoy it. Finally, you will find that delivering high-quality equipment directly to your vacation destination is much more cost-effective than other means of baby equipment rental.


Traveling to the Canary Islands with babies or small children can be a pleasant experience that the whole family can enjoy, but without these normal, and sometimes unique, elements for your vacation, your little ones can become, how would we say , "difficult" to handle. At Baby Travel Rental we have traveled many times with our own children around the world, we have gone to dinner on the esplanade, we have walked with our children and we understand the need for runners who can go along the beach, for the rocks to the red mountain.

o irse de vacaciones con su bebé?

We also understand that it is not possible to take runners to Tenerife, only small carts on the ferries, just like on the Sky Rail, you may not be able to get on the cart... We understand the difference between going on vacation with a "happy" baby and an inconvertible baby, who has trouble sleeping, does not have stroller,  toys, bath vestño or crib and of course he is "grumpy." So your vacation is not so pleasant.

Our exclusive baby equipment rental service ensures that when you arrive, everything is made and ready for the babies, swings, playpens, bathtubs, everything is delivered before your arrival.Car seats they can be installed in your rental car before your flight arrives, the rest of the items in your room. At the time of departure, you just need to leave them at the reception, seat them with the rental company, and we will pick them up after your departure (starting at 10 in the morning).

¿Cómo se lleva a su bebé de vacaciones?

Remember that you are going to a temperate environment, in the mountains, in the forest or on the beach. There are many excursions and activities to do with babies and toddlers, but having the right items makes the day easier instead of more difficult and exhausting.

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