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Baby Bottle Sterilizer Rental

Baby Bottle Sterilizer Rental

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Baby Bottle Sterilizer Rental

The Baby Bottle Sterilizer Rental is the perfect solution to keep your baby's bottles, breast pumps and pacifiers clean and germ-free. With just 5 minutes of use, this sterilizer uses natural steam to eliminate 99.9% of germs without the need to add any type of chemical additive.

Thanks to the disinfecting power of steam, this sterilizer is highly effective and does not require rinsing. Plus, it automatically shuts off at the end of the sterilization cycle for added convenience and safety.

This electric steam sterilizer is of identical or superior range, ensuring efficient and safe sterilization for your baby. Please note that the photos shown may vary, but the quality of the product will always be the same.

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